animals in the house dos and donts

How to Get Wild Animals Out of Your House

Do you have a wild animal in your home?

Besides an animal moving into your attic, porch or garage, sometimes a wild animal will find itself accidentally in your home. It found it’s way inside, perhaps looking for food, and became trapped.

Do you have one in your home RIGHT NOW and you’re desperately looking for help?

I want a professional to take care of this right away!

First of all, remain calm!

Let’s quickly go over some dos and dont’s about what to do when you have an animal in your house.


  • Don’t touch it! Even a harmless looking baby animal might be dangerous or carry disease.
  • Don’t panic! Try to remain calm. We don’t want to make the animal any more panicked than it already is. Unless it has set up a home, this animal doesn’t want to be in your house either. It got inside and became trapped.


  • Try to close it into a room if possible. Close all other interior doors in your home. You want to try to keep it contained into an area and not wandering around your home.
  • Open windows and exterior doors. If this animal became trapped in your house, it definitely would rather get away from you. Give it the chance to escape.
  • Keep your pets away. Remove your dogs and cats to another part of your home. They could get seriously hurt from a confrontation with a frightened wild animal. They could also panic the animal and cause it to be more aggressive.
  • Be patient. Some animals may decide to hide and wait for darkness to escape. It’s not the ideal solution but it might work.

Your first priority should be to keep you, your family and pets safe.

If you’re worried, you can always contact a professional for help if you need it. Possessions can be replaced in need be. Keeping your family safe is always the top priority.

If you are want a professional to take care of this as soon as possible, call us at (847) 464-1861