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The DIfferences Between Bees and Wasps


Though both of these flying insects have 4 wings and can sting, there are many differences between bees and wasps. If you find a hive or nest of these insects in or near your home, do not hesitate to call pest control and have them safely removed.

bees and wasps
Honey Bees

  • Hairy bodies
  • Fat, round bodies
  • Flat, wide legs
  • Some are entirely black; others are black and brown with orange or yellow stripes
  • Have four wings
  • Do not hibernate in the winter, live off reserves and heat from worker bees
  • Produce honey
  • Can sting a human once before they die; can a very soft surface sting multiple times
  • Non-aggressive
  • Social
  • Live in wax hives
  • Sip on nectar and drink water

bees and wasps


  • Smooth, shiny skin
  • Waists are narrow
  • Slender legs
  • Bright black and yellow
  • Have four wings
  • Hibernate in the winter
  • Cannot produce honey
  • Can sting a human multiple times
  • Aggressive
  • Can be social or solitary depending on species
  • Live in papery nests
  • Eat other insects like flies, attracted to human food like beer and soda