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Watch Out for Birds Nesting in the Attic

An intrusion from a single animal can be troublesome enough within a home but the problem can become much more complicated if the animal is nesting.  One of the most common animals that nests within homes is birds.  Birds are always looking for nesting spots that are safe from predators and indoor spots such as vents and attics provide an appealing haven for birds to build their nests.  Nesting birds can cause a range of problems within a home and it is best to have a professional such as Attic Solutions remove intrusive birds and their nests.

Nesting Birds Create a Home in your home

Birds that build nests within a home are a huge nuisance because they are establishing a home for themselves and the egg laying and hatching process could cause them to stay in the home for months.  After the eggs are laid, the female bird will not leave the nest until the babies hatch which could take three to four weeks and they learn to fly which could take an additional three or four weeks.  This process could cause the birds to live in the home for up to four months and possibly longer if there is a disruption in the nesting process.

Problems with Nesting Birds

There are plenty of problems that a nesting bird can bring to a household.  One potential problem is disruption of the heating and cooling system that is caused when birds build their nests in vents or air ducts.  Bird nests in the vents can decrease the efficiency of the heating and cooling system and cause property damage as they build their nests in these areas.  The other major problems caused by nesting birds in a home are health related.  Large amounts of bird feces can lead to respiratory issues and they also may have lice and mites that could spread throughout the home.  Bird mites can infect personal areas such as beds and they leave behind itchy red marks with their bites.

Control Birds in Attic

Nesting birds present more of a problem than birds that have intruded alone because they actually establish a home and stay longer so that their eggs can hatch.  While nesting, they can cause destruction of property and introduce a range of health problems with their feces and the lice and mites they could be carrying.

As soon as you suspect you may have a bird infestation, call us immediately at 847-464-1861 for removal. We are trained professionals and equipped to deal with bird exclusion and removal, including humane live animal trapping (never poisons!). We will remove the birds and fix any property damage they may have caused. Click to read more about bird control and removal services from Attic Solutions.