Bird Removal Chicago

Bird Removal Chicago

Of all the small pests that can be a real nuisance to homeowners, one such pest that is often overlooked is birds. There are many types of birds that can get into a house or attic to nest. Because they are small animals and can access nearly every inch of your home, they can find many entry points into your home or attic. Birds may find their way in through chimneys, windows, and vents, while some nest in buildings crevices.

Specific types of birds may cause unique problems such as the woodpecker which pecks away at the wood in a house, or Chimney Swifts which will live and nest in a chimney. Birds are difficult to control once they intrude, and Attic Solutions can remove unwanted birds and employ methods of bird control to help avoid further or future infestations.

Professional Bird Removal

Birds are more than just a nuisance; they can cause physical damage to a home. Birds can get stuck in vents, causing problems with the heating or cooling system, and bird droppings could make a home dirty and unsanitary. If you notice a bird or birds in your home, call the professionals at Attic Solutions to take care of the infestation. Birds are difficult to get rid of, but the specialists at Attic Solutions are well trained in bird control and removal.

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