Live Animal Trapping Chicago

Live Animal Trapping Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the most inclement weather in the country and when those adverse conditions hit, people are not the only ones looking for shelter. Small animals of all types including raccoons, bats, squirrels, birds, rats and mice among others may seek refuge in people’s homes in undesirable weather. At Attic Solutions, we offer live animal trapping services to the Chicago area to eliminate unwanted guests from your home. Our professionals are trained to trap some of Chicagoland’s most common and exotic animal species, including animals that people commonly believe can’t be caught.

Professional Animal Trapping

The highly trained animal trappers of Attic Solutions are wildlife experts that can quickly and humanely trap animals intruding into your home or property. Along with the animals listed above, we can also safely remove rodents, gophers, foxes, prairie dogs, pigeons, skunks, woodpeckers, and snakes. These animals can cause property damage and pose a threat to your well-being which is why we remove them quickly and in a way that is safe for you and your family as well as the animal. As part of our services, we also perform a full evaluation of your home to locate and repair any possible entrance points.

We Never Use Poisons

Attic Solutions only does live animal trapping and never uses poisons to eliminate animal intruders. One reason we do not use poisons is because poisons can pose a health threat to the occupants of the house while our live trapping services pose no such safety threat to our customers. Another reason we do not use poisons is because animals that are sick or dying look for inaccessible places to hide. Once an animal starts feeling the effects of a poison, it will wedge itself into a difficult spot to die before it has to be removed. Live trapping eliminates the possibility of having to remove a dead animal from a tough spot like the attic or behind a wall. The final reason to use live trapping instead of poisons is to catch the animal alive and give it a second chance in the wild.

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