Skunk Removal Chicago

Skunk Removal Chicago

Skunk removal can be a tricky, smelly job.

Although skunks may not look that menacing, the stench they give off can be overpowering. Skunks generally like to burrow under porches, sheds, or decks. They can do damage to your home while they burrow, and to your lawn by digging up large patches while looking for grubs or other insect food sources.

Skunks provide an added nuisance if you have a dog or other pet threatens them and gets sprayed. These animals are small enough to find their way into your home, so even though we all learned at an early age to avoid skunks, we may find ourselves too close to these animals for comfort.

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Professional Skunk Removal

At Attic Solutions, we understand the urgency of a skunk infestation which is why we specialize in skunk removal and live trapping.

If you suspect that you may have a skunk infestation, call Attic Solutions immediately to have them removed. Skunks are not only unpleasant because of their odorous secretion; they can also pose a threat of spreading rabies with their bites.

The specialists at Attic Solutions have spent years perfecting our skunk removal methods, which include:

  • Locating and sealing burrows
  • Trapping and removal of any animals
  • Fixing any damage to your home

We will work hard to discover the source of the infestation and develop a plan of action that will effectively remove skunks, repair any damage, and seal burrows to prevent further problems on your property.

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