Groundhog Removal Chicago

Groundhog Removal Chicago

One of the most troublesome rodents that can invade your yard is the groundhog. Groundhogs are considered pest animals because they are diggers and have been known to destroy turf and vegetation. They may cause problems such as:

  • Burrowing close to the home
  • Burring under decks and patios
  • Destroying gardens and landscapes
  • Groundhog Borrowing & Damage

Adult groundhogs are on average between 8 and 10 pounds and they are herbivorous and eat a variety of plants and vegetation. They build underground burrows that can include up to 50 feet of tunnel distance and as many as five entrances. Groundhogs live and raise their young in these tunnels and the typical groundhog will give birth in the spring to between 3 and 6 young. These burrows can cause huge problems for homeowners because not only do they hurt your lawn, but burrows too close to a house or deck can undermine the foundation. Groundhogs will also eat plants and vegetables from a garden.

Professional Groundhog Removal

If you notice these warning signs in your yard or have seen a groundhog on your property, contact Attic Solutions to have it removed before it causes anymore damage. We remove groundhogs with traps mounted in the burrow.

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