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Attic Repair and Restoration Chicago

When unwanted animals intrude into our homes, they are not only an annoyance but they also have a tendency to cause damage to the areas of the house where they intrude.

They may cause damage by forcing an entry way into an exterior wall or they may destroy the walls, floor, or wiring of a room once they get inside.

At Attic Solutions, our job does not end with the elimination of the animals; we restore the areas of the house that the animals have damaged.

With our attic restoration services, we will restore your home to its original condition and evaluate your home for possible entry points to avoid further animal intrusions.

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Animal Damage

Animals in your home can cause all types of damage before they are discovered. Animals can chew through anything including drywall and support beams. Also animal feces are extremely unpleasant, and from some animals, it’s toxic.

Whatever the damage may be, Attic Solutions will fix the problem with our restoration services. We do outside and inside repairs. We also insulate attics starting at $1.00 per square foot. These restoration services are not just meant to fix the damage caused by intruding animals, but to prevent further intrusions as well. We will inspect your home to locate and repair all possible entrance points as part of our restoration service.

Professional Restoration Services

While most of the animals that get into our homes may be small, the damage they inflict on your property can be huge.

It is important to regularly check areas in your home that are most likely to have animal intruders so that they can be reported immediately. The longer an animal remains in your home, the more damage it can cause. Attic Solutions can be called anytime, seven days a week because we understand the urgency of an animal intruder and we can typically begin local service the same day.

If you are interested in having insulation installed in your attic repaired, please call us for a quote and do not hesitate to call if there is an unwanted animal in your home.

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