Chipmunk Removal Chicago

Chipmunk Removal Chicago

Chipmunks are small rodents that are rampant in the Chicago area and they find their way into homes through small openings or by climbing inside buildings. They can be controlled in a number of ways with poisons, exclusion, or trapping, though we highly advise against using poisons for chipmunks inside of a building. Our preferred method is trapping which is best for removing chipmunks from attics, crawlspaces, and wall cavities.

Chipmunk Issues in Home

Once chipmunks have intruded into a home, they can cause an array of problems for the homeowner. One major problem associated with chipmunks is that they chew on wiring. This will not only damage the wires themselves, but exposed wiring greatly increases the chance of a house fire especially in attics and within walls. Chipmunk infestations can also decrease a home’s property value as they leave behind fecal contamination and a foul odor when they die.

Professional Chipmunk Removal

Chipmunk infestations should be controlled immediately and the professionals of Attic Solutions can trap and remove chipmunks even from difficult areas. We will not only remove these intrusive animals, but also locate and seal potential points of entry to prevent future chipmunk infestations.

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