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How to Squirrel Proof Your Home

Squirrels are a pesky creature known for their bushy tails and nesting behavior. They often take residence in homes or outdoor building structures, causing trouble for homeowners. They may tear up insulation in an attic, use it for nesting material, chew through electrical wires, and cause damage to your home. Once squirrels have settled in your home, they can be quite difficult to remove. Follow these tricks to squirrel proof your home.

Squirrel proof

5 Squirrel Proof Home Tips

1. Repair damaged potential entry points to home like eaves, soffits, and roofing. Squirrels can scale trees easily and have excellent jumping skills, making few heights off limits. Any tiny home damage should be examined seriously and repaired quickly to prevent squirrel entry.
2. Use squirrel proof bird feeders. Squirrels love bird food and they can overrun your feeder, if it easy an easy source of food. Install standing bird feeders that are far from bushes and tree branches.
3. Install a chimney cap. Squirrels can enter chimneys if they are left open. Prevention is easier than removal!
4. Manage your trees and minimize squirrel likelihood. Trim your tree limbs so that they are at least eight feet from your home, to prevent them from jumping to your roof. Wrap a piece of sheet metal around your tree trunks about 6 feet up to prevent trees from climbing up.
5. Do not leave food sources outside. An obvious and simple fix, keep any pet or human food inside. Be sure to bring food and water dishes in at nighttime as well. Keep your garbage sealed tightly.

If you discover squirrels in your home or infesting your property, call pest control to safely remove the pests. Attempting to do so on your own can result in more damage from the squirrels’ wily, erratic behavior.

How Much Damage Can a Squirrel Do?

Who would have thought such a small creature was capable of such destruction? Not only can damage by squirrels be extensive, it can also be extremely costly. In fact, in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2014, a squirrel caused more than $300,000 in damage to a community center that was about to open. The squirrel got into the building and then chewed through electrical equipment, which caused a power surge damaging the boiler room as well as the heating and air conditioning. This is just one of many stories of an unruly squirrel causing significant damage to a home or business.

How Can Squirrels Do So Much Damage?

squirrel chewing pineconeSquirrels have front teeth that continually grow throughout their lives. In order to keep their teeth a manageable length, squirrels naturally chew (anything!) to cut them down. Squirrels naturally try to trim their teeth on things such as pine cones, acorns or other hard nuts and seeds from trees. Things can become problematic when squirrels do not have natural options available to them to chew on.

Squirrels can chew through just about anything. They have been known to chew through 4x6s, electric wire, roof shingles, outdoor patio furniture, home siding, barns, doors, grills, even parts of cars! This type of damage to your home and property can not only be extremely aggravating, but if you don’t eliminate the squirrel threat, it can continue to happen again and again. This can really add up financially.

How to Minimize Squirrel Damage

squirrel hidingSquirrels may be small and quick and sneaky, but they can be outsmarted and removed from your home. There are several options to rid your home or business of squirrels including live traps and squirrel repellent. You may also consider using welded wire that a squirrel cannot fit through to cover unsightly holes in areas like barns or sheds where immediate repair isn’t needed.

Live traps should be left to professionals. Attic Solutions employs trained professionals who can assist you by setting live traps and humanely releasing the squirrels in the wild. Contact us online or call us at 847.464.1861 the moment you notice damage and we will make it our top priority to stop your squirrel nuisance.