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Increased Skunk Activity Chicago

There has been a marked increase of skunk activity in the local area recently. Skunks may not look very menacing, but they can do a lot of damage to homes and property as well as our health. This can be a concern for homeowners because skunks typically go dormant for a month in winter and they be looking for a warm place to nest.

How Do You Know If A Skunk Moved In?

You will probably smell a skunk before you see one. Some clues a skunk has decided to move in on your property include that strong, musky odor in areas such as under the deck or porch, or near woodpiles. Skunks are not unknown to take up residence in an open garage or shed as well. Skunks dig and burrow, so be aware of any holes, typically 3-4 inches, in your yard, garden, and around your home exterior. Skunks are nocturnal animals, so if you hear noise at night under your porch, deck, or other buildings, this may also be a good indication they moved in.

Can Skunks Do Damage To My Property?

Yes! Unfortunately, skunks can be quite a nuisance. Your yard and garden may be damaged by a skunk searching for food or burrowing. Skunks often seek shelter under porches, decks, and crawlspaces. These animals are adept diggers and look for the easiest point of entry, including a hole or crack in your foundation, which can undermine it. Once they find a comfortable spot, especially as it gets colder out, they may make a den. Attic Solutions specializes in locating and sealing burrows, trapping and removing skunks, and fixing damage to your home.

Can Skunks Do Damage To My Health?

While a skunk’s biggest threat is its smell, they are primary carriers of rabies (along with bats, foxes, and raccoons). Skunks may also carry distemper, which can be lethal to dogs and cats. If you encounter a skunk, move away slowly to avoid a smelly confrontation!

As soon as you suspect you may have a skunk infestation, call us immediately at 847-464-1861 for removal. We are trained professionals and equipped to deal with skunk exclusion and removal, including humane live animal trapping (never poisons!). Learn more about our skunk removal services or fill out our contact form.